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Top 5 Gadgets That Your Fast Courier Adelaide Drivers Should Have

Have you equipped your fast courier Adelaide drivers with tools and gadgets that will make their delivery roles a lot easier while on the road? If you have just started a fast courier business, I highly recommend you give these 5 essential gadgets a fair analysis and invest on them for your courier drivers’ top performance while driving. Remember, time is vital for your delivery deadlines and it is a must that your hired drivers can really perform their individual roles without difficulty in today’s technologically advanced generation.

1. Mobile gadget

It can be a smartphone or any mobile device that will help your fast courier Adelaide drivers carry on with their day-to-day courier deliveries efficiently. Most delivery companies rely on mobile devices usage for readily available apps that their drivers can use like the map guide app to check the routes going to Adelaide or even the simplest question like where is the nearest gas station will surely come handy during a long distance drive. With just a few clicks or taps on their mobile gadgets, your courier drivers can have instant access on valuable information like direction on the quickest route going to their target delivery address.

2. Handy camera

You can never predict the exact time or date when your fast courier Adelaide driver may encounter a road accident. Providing your courier drivers handy cameras while performing their delivery duties will be an indispensable tool to capture these unavoidable accidents, even if it is only a minor road accident. In fact, these photos captured by their handy cameras could serve as proof when you file your insurance claims.

3. GPS (Global Positioning System)

Many companies engaged in transport and delivery services have installed GPS tracker devices on their vehicles. The main purpose of having a GPS tool set-up on your fast courier Adelaide vehicle is for tracking the exact location of your drivers. The GPS could also provide real-time updates on the status of your deliveries while on the road.

4. Hands-free kit

Did you know some of the reported road accidents are due to drivers taking phone calls while driving? For the overall safety of your hired drivers and lessen the percentage of road accidents, provide each courier driver a hands-free kit. A hands-free kit allows the driver to make or answer an important call without having to divide his or her attention while on the road.

5. USB power adaptor

This is definitely a must-have gadget to all professional courier drivers who are on the road most of the time, having usb power adaptor on their side, so that if any of their mobile devices runs out of battery, they can easily charge them.

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Who Can Benefit From A Fast Courier Adelaide?

The services of a fast courier Adelaide are becoming popular not only among large companies operating worldwide but also to small businesses who are locally based. Have you ever wondered who in particular will benefit from a fast courier provider? Here is a list of individuals who will likely use a fast courier company:

· Home-based entrepreneurs who need prompt delivery of their sold products.

· Elderly individuals who don’t have enough strength to do their daily errands like trips to the local pharmacy store or grocery outlet.

· Housewives who often forget things like not including important documents inside her husband’s suitcase or forgetting to pick-up fresh flowers from the local florist’s shop.

· Individuals who need immediate medical care or surgery treatment will require fast delivery of medical records or laboratory results to the designated hospital.

· What are the things to consider before contacting a fast courier Adelaide?

Below are some of the things you need to consider before entrusting your delivery needs with a fast courier company:

· Do they have fixed rates for a small parcel delivery?

A reliable fast courier company must provide various prices for different types of courier packages. A fixed or standard rate should apply to small packages not going beyond the weight limit provided. For example, any parcel that weighs less than 50 pounds should only be charged the standard rate. Offering fixed rates will give potential clients the confidence to seek their courier services because there is a corresponding rate for every delivery requirement, regardless of their sizes.

· Do they accept rush delivery within Adelaide?

Again, it’s very crucial to find a fast courier company who can cater rush delivery orders. Before you commit with any courier firm, ask the courier manager or dispatching team leader if they can really beat the specific delivery time. For example, if your rush order has to arrive less than the 2 hours timeframe, can they really guarantee that promise.

· Can you process your courier order online?

Lastly, one of the features that should be present in any fast courier provider is the accessibility online because this will give any customer the chance to process any courier order right in the comforts of their homes or offices without the need to visit a courier’s physical site.

Do you have an urgent delivery requirement? If you haven’t used a courier service provider, now is your chance to discover the convenience that they could provide right on your doorstep. Call now a reliable fast courier Adelaide and experience fast delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions That You Need To Ask Your Fast Delivery Adelaide Provider

Partnering your product delivery needs with a reliable fast courier Adelaide provider must be your top priority if you want to run your business smoothly. If you already have a long list of prospective delivery services, be sure you prepare a checklist of delivery concerns, so that you won’t miss anything. Below are the most frequently asked questions that you need to ask all your suitable candidates of delivery companies in order for you to make a wise choice.

·         Do they provide insurance coverage?

This is one of the most important questions that you should ask your prospective fast delivery company during your initial meeting, “Do they offer insurance coverage or any type of delivery package in case the goods encountered damaged while in their care?” Most reputable fast delivery services include insurance coverage in their delivery packages to guarantee clients that they are fully protected and can claim compensation or refund for unavoidable circumstance like damaged goods.

·         Do they have special packing supplies?

Another vital question that your fast delivery Melbourne provider could give you a straightforward answer is about the availability of packing materials and other wrapping supplies needed to make any delivery a success at the end of the day. Ask if they will assist you with the packing of your goods and if the appropriate packing and wrapping materials are inclusive of the delivery package you availed such as sturdy boxes of all sizes, bubble wraps, packaging tapes and labeling tags.

·         Can they accommodate any size of delivery?

Whether it’s a small box or big boxes you want delivered, you must confirm from the start if your potential fast delivery company can deliver all these goods and has enough delivery trucks to service your bulk delivery even on short notices.

·         Do they cater any type of delivery?

Lastly, one final question that you should ask during your one-on-one meeting with the fast delivery Melbourne manager is about the different types of delivery services they offer such as alcohol delivery, flower delivery or delivery of important documents.

Additional tips:

Before you fully commit your business’ delivery needs to a fast delivery Adelaide provider, ask anything that you feel will be your greatest concern such as cost to delivery your goods on same day and terms or conditions that may apply on huge delivery orders.

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5 Characteristics Of An Ideal Fast Courier Adelaide Driver

Do you want to ensure that your fast courier Adelaide driver is the perfect person for the delivery job position? Take time reading these 5 characteristics that you should look into when hiring a professional driver for your courier business.

1.      Excellent driving performance

This is a key trait that you should include in your selection criteria when looking for a credible fast courier driver, he or she must have a solid record of excellent driving performance. How can you gauge this trait? Well, do background check if the potential driver has recent records of bad driving that resulted to complaints or road accidents. If you found that the applicant has a clean driving record, then, you can expect this potential applicant to be a suitable driver for your courier business.

2.      Good communicator

Your hired driver must be a good communicator because he or she will be interacting personally with any customer who availed your fast courier Adelaide services. You can easily verify if the applicant for the driver position has excellent communication skills when you conduct the one-on-one interview. If he or she can express without any difficulty his or her inner thoughts and answer your questions in a very straightforward manner, then, this particular applicant could be an ideal employee for your company.

3.      Knowledgeable on delivery routes

Another trait that you should never miss during the screening process is the candidate’s knowledge on routes going in and out of Adelaide and other suburb areas nearby. If the potential driver is still learning his or her routes within this area, then, you might consider interviewing other applicants who are more confident in doing delivery duties within this area.

4.      Patient

A patient driver guarantees that he or she has the ability to withstand heavy traffic and remain cool despite road obstacles. Keep in mind, it is vital for your hired driver to be in control while on the road even if there are external factors that will prevent him or her from delivering on time the parcels scheduled for delivery.

5.      Honest

Last characteristic that your potential fast courier Adelaide driver should possess is honesty. Why? This is very important to any business, especially if you have assigned him or her to deliver highly confidential documents. You can rely on his or her sincerity to do what it takes to bring this valuable item to the right recipient on time without delay.

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5 Ways To Grow Teamwork At Your Fast Courier Adelaide

Growing teamwork at your fast courier Adelaide is manageable if you follow these recommended 5 ways. Remember, teamwork is achieved over time as your workers learn to work as one team and not as separate individuals.

· Encourage one-on-one communication

In order for your hired employees to work as one team, encourage them to practice one-on-one communication. For example, if your manager has immediate concerns with the assigned customer representative, he or she should direct any issue to the concerned employee, so that immediate actions will be undertaken.

· Provide regular meetings

Another way to guarantee teamwork is incorporated among your hired fast courier Adelaide workers is by providing regular meetings. Why? Meetings are not only intended to update employees about your new set of policies or update them about the business’ overall performance. These meetings can be focused on employees’ concerns and other personal issues where you can give immediate resolutions to their problems.

· Use latest technology to improve teambuilding

Latest technologies can help a business owner improve employees teambuilding even if there branches are located in remote places. For example, if your fast courier Adelaide has outsourced remote workers to do virtual work, this doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate teamwork among your employees including those working on site. Use electronic communication and other advanced communication tools to communicate with your employees such as web chat, video conferencing and email messaging. Don’t be left behind with modern forms of communication.

· Schedule company outing

A unique approach to foster teamwork among your employees is by holding company outings and other teambuilding activities. Make an annual calendar of your company outings and schedule them ahead of time, so that your workers can appoint which days at your business operating hours that you can close to give way to these gatherings to bring people closer with one another.

· Receive feedback positively

Be open for feedback and comments, both positive and negative and use them to improve your managing skills as the owner of the company. If there are issues needing a quick decision making do it now before the problem escalates. If you have a team leader, appoint him or her to be your representative and act in behalf of you in case of your absence.

 The entire success of a business is dependent on the owner and his or her hired employees who are all working as one team. Don’t let your personal differences and views prevent you hitting your goals. Let your people realize that you need them to work alongside your desired target.

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Fast Courier Adelaide: How To Stay On Top In The Courier Industry


Are you still struggling to keep your fast courier Adelaide on top in the courier industry? If you feel you have done your best, but need some more ideas to perform efficiently, here are 3 major steps you have to focus.


Step #1 – Use the latest delivery app for your greater advantage


If your goal is to achieve fast courier services in the residential areas of Adelaide, take advantage of whatever latest technology applicable for your type of business. It can be a downloadable delivery app that your customers can freely access. Remember, the entire globe has fully embraced the benefits of technological advancement and if you aren’t utilizing them for your fast courier business, you could be missing a lot of business opportunities that can eventually bring you on top of the list of prominent providers.


Step #2 – Create a workable courier strategy


Do you have a written action plan on how you will execute each courier assignment? In order to achieve the fast distribution of duties among your employees, you must start with a workable courier strategy, covering all areas involved in the operation of your fast courier Adelaide business such as taking orders from your customers, assigning the courier driver to deliver the goods or documents, tracking the courier and assessing the overall feedback of the customer afterwards, whether the parcel arrived on time or not. A top performing courier service provider must always deliver premium services that will result to a customer’s satisfaction.


Step #3 – Implement a flexible manpower


Can you really comply with the strict deadlines set by your customers? If you aren’t confident with your answer, better find the solution to this problem. A flexible manpower means all your staff members are readily available and eager to handle a new courier job. Check if your workers are well rounded employees and willing to work beyond what is expected of them to ensure no courier order is put on hold. For example, if your customer representative is off-sick and cannot resume to work until next week, your hired courier manager must be willing to do other tasks aside from his or her normal duties.


A stronger foundation of a fast courier Adelaide is the secret ingredient of maintaining a good lead in the courier industry. With the help of your staff members, courier manager and courier drivers, there is no reason for your courier business not to deliver top performance.

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